Day Sailing

Step aboard Cleone, in historic Dartmouth Harbour, in South West England, and enjoy a day experiencing the intricacies of a Victorian Gaff Yawl rig. Envisioned as a fairly active day, the sailing can be quite intense as getting to know how the rig works can be quite a challenge, and aching muscles can be predicted. However, we can take it a bit more easily if you’d like.

A typical day would be to arrive aboard Cleone by 9am, where there will be a tour of Cleone and Safety briefing, accompanied by Coffee and Pastries of choice.
Cleone will then depart for Start Bay out of the river, and depending on the wind, would have a full day of hoisting, setting and taking-in sail. Full use will be made of the conditions on the day to explore handling a yawl rig under various sail combinations, and unravelling the mysteries of setting  Topsails properly.
Even simple sailing manoeuvres are different in a yawl; Tacking properly, the difference between Wearing and Gybing (seems the same, but really not) and sail balance may all be touched upon.
Lunch will be an fine Al-fresco affair, with wine or beverages, and may be taken at anchor in a sheltered cove if practicable.
The aim being to have returned to Dartmouth Harbour, and a wind down debrief by 5pm.

This would be suitable for people with some sailing experience, but the day can be tailored to complete beginners as well.

Prices from £750.

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