Weddings & Wine

Weddings & wine

Want a truly unique “Wedding Boat”? As a conveyance between wedding venues, Cleone would be stunning. Again, depending on the tides, the Bride & Groom could voyage between venues from Totnes to Dartmouth, with Champagne and canapes on board.

Cleone can also stop at Sharpham Quay, for wedding parties at Sharpham House. And speaking of Sharpham, the Vineyard produces award winning wine, and we can transport you in style to enjoy a few hours wine tasting as an addition to a catered lunch. If you want to split your sailing day on the river, Cleone can deliver you at the quayside of one of the most award-winning of England’s vineyards, the Estate at Sharpham House.

Both these options are very dependent on tidal access, but are achievable with planning.
Max number of guests, 5
Prices from £750.

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