Important considerations

Tides & weather

It bears repeating that the timing of the tides has an effect on what Cleone can do on the day, especially with respect to trips up rivers, especially in the Dart where destinations like Bow Creek, Sharpham Quay and Totnes are concerned.
Cleone has to leave by the specified time on an ebbing tide or else get stuck, either at against the quay or at anchor, till the tide returns. This can be as much as 8-9 hours if not careful, so departure times cannot be missed.
King Canute discovered this, the tide cannot be bribed or bargained with.

Weather, on the other hand, can be managed. Cleone can sail in most conditions but it would be safest to limit sailing with an inexperienced crew to Beaufort Force 4 or below.


As a general rule, for a day sail, normal waterproofs would be quite adequate, and no special Sailing Foul Weather clothing is needed. You should be aware that even sailing for a day, you are exposed to drying wind, potential sunburn and possibly seasickness, so having warm clothing is essential, even on a summer’s day. However, the weather isn’t always wet, so also bring clothing for a day at the beach, plus sunscreen.

Motion sickness

There is always a potential for developing Motion sickness, even on fairly calm days. We recommend that if you might suffer from this, you take your own medication for this to ensure you have an enjoyable day. We can provide off-the-shelf remedies on board, but you take these at your own risk.


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