Bespoke Classic Charter

A rare opportunity to sail, or sunbathe and relax aboard one of the oldest yachts in the world still sailing.
A day aboard Cleone can be filled with either thrilling sailing adventure, or deep relaxation, depending on your whim. Did you ever dream of getting away on a fantastic old yacht, but couldn’t afford the relatively huge sums of money involved? Well, now is your chance to experience the classic yacht lifestyle for a day, or even several days, without having to deal with the perils and headaches of classic yacht ownership.
There are several options, but all can be tailored to the day, and plans even changed to accommodate changed moods or changed weather.

Cleone will be available from the 1st June this year, 2017.
Licensed for taking either 4 or 5 guests maximum, depending on the requirements of the day.

Experience not necessary – Cleone is fully skippered and also crewed, depending on which charter option you want to take. You could be a seasoned sailor, wanting to experience something new, (or very old) or a complete novice, either willing just to have a go. You can even just sit back and relax, and have us sail the Cleone for you, while your drink is refreshed.
We hope that you will want to pitch in and learn all about how to sail her, but if you just want to get away from it all for a day and relax, that is just as much fun.

Options and ideas

Day Sailing

Step aboard Cleone, in historic Dartmouth Harbour, in South West England, and enjoy a day experiencing the intricacies of a Victorian Gaff Yawl rig. Envisioned as a fairly active day, the sailing can be quite intense as getting to know how the rig works can be quite a challenge, and aching muscles can be predicted. However, we can take it a bit more easily if you’d like.

Day Cruise

Like the Day sailing, but a lot more relaxed. The day will feature a gentle sail out into Start Bay, or round to Torbay, and anchoring for a fine catered lunch in a sheltered cove, with opportunities to swim, row about in the dinghy and even to briefly explore the beaches. This option would be far more suitable for families with younger children who just want a special and relaxing day afloat. This is how memories are made.

Coastal Cruise

Have a few days or a week free? By arrangement, we can sail between all the beautiful harbours on the South Devon and even Cornish coasts. Destinations such as Salcombe, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth, Looe and points west or east. Cleone will be rated for MCA Category 3 – (20 miles from safe haven day or night), so no cross-channel adventures yet, but we are intending to expand the range in due course. We can arrange overnight accommodation in ports visited, but Cleone can only sleep 3 guests overnight on passage.

River Cruise

Like the idea of sailing, but don’t like the idea of waves? Want to sail, but afraid of seasickness? Or perhaps, you get bored just looking at the sea and want a more interesting view? Then the River cruise may be for you.
Depending on the state of tide and weather, a sail up the river might just be what you are looking for. There will also be opportunities to anchor and explore the creeks and crannies of the upper Dart, and other activities, listed below.

Art & Photography

Depending on tides, we can take you on a very relaxed day up-river, where we can anchor in several locations, and Cleone can become a mobile studio for creativity. Materials can be provided, on request. Where Cleone cannot anchor for safety reasons, she can ‘loiter’ engine running slowly and provide a stable base for an easel or tripod on the foredeck. She is also available as a location for fashion photography and film and TV work.

Weddings & Wine

Want a truly unique “Wedding Boat”? As a conveyance between wedding venues, Cleone would be stunning. Again, depending on the tides, the Bride & Groom could voyage between venues from Totnes to Dartmouth, with Champagne and canapes on board. Cleone can also stop at Sharpham Quay, for wedding parties at Sharpham House. And speaking of Sharpham, the Vineyard produces award-winning wine, and we can transport you in style to enjoy a few hours wine tasting as an addition to a catered lunch.

Dining options

We aim to provide you with the best locally sourced food and wine available. Devon is noted worldwide for producing very high quality food & drink, and we aim to showcase some of this culinary wonder in our catering.
Day sailing options will primarily be beautiful al-fresco food, with fine wine and beverages available made from bottled not filtered tank water.
The more leisurely ‘Cruise’ option features a catered seated lunch – featuring a more extensive menu and wine selection with champagne, beverages and soft drinks.

Every day can be created uniquely for you, so please contact me to discuss your ideas.


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